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What do you see?

Of course, I know the context. I know that I came to work feeling a little down and that Isaac must have been able to tell. It makes me question the signals he picks up on. Isaac’s team are constantly unconsciously analysing all the little indicators he is putting into the world, what his slight … Continue reading What do you see?


Crunching through the leaves, I am content for a while. Covid still reigns as the summer seeps into autumn and the trees let go their leaves, colouring the pavements brown, yellow, red.  And the sky reflects the tarmac street, enclosing us in winter’s grey at dusk in a city suburb.  We – my son (a … Continue reading GOING OUT


I’d almost convinced myself that the cat’s recurring interest in what lay under the cupboards was just normal behaviour; not evidence of the rodent he’d lost the day he crashed through the cat flap mouth full of rat, and laid it at my feet. He’d stared astonished as the rat flipped onto its feet and … Continue reading THE DAY MY SON ANSWERED ME

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