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The Team


Sandra is a behaviour expert who worked in youth services for a long time, specialising in play, equality, and disabilities. Sandra has an arts background and is interested in creative ways of exploring and interpreting non-verbal communication and wellbeing. Sandra is the mother of both Zeina and Isaac, she set up this care team to help care for Isaac in their home.


Zeina is also interested in non-verbal communication and is particularly good at communicating with animals, especially Louis the family cat. Zeina loves reading, photography and drawing, and is also interested in theatre, singing and languages.


Maria has been with the family for many years now, she has a Masters in Educational Research with a background in inclusive play and youth work. Maria is very knowledgeable about events in the additional needs community and plays a big role in organising Isaac’s wellbeing and weekly activities.


Ellis is one of Isaac’s PAs and acts as our health expert, researching ways for us to better Isaac’s physical well-being. Ellis has a physio background and working alongside other physiotherapists he has helped dramatically improve Isaac’s fitness and physical capacity..


Becky has a degree in Education, Psychology and Counselling and a lot of experience within the care sector, she is a PA and plays a big role in managing the team and Isaac’s timetable. She has many interests within care, such as speech and language therapy, sensory storytelling and intensive interaction.


Is also a PA, she is interested in all forms of care, especially communication and non-verbal interactions such as play and intensive interaction.

The team have all been provided with sensory training, intensive interaction training and VIG (Video Interaction Guidance), as well as OCN Level 3 qualifications in Understanding the Needs of Individuals with PMLD.