What do you see?

Of course, I know the context. I know that I came to work feeling a little down and that Isaac must have been able to tell. It makes me question the signals he picks up on. Isaac’s team are constantly unconsciously analysing all the little indicators he is putting into the world, what his slight movements and variations in sound and expression could be trying to portray.

I wonder what signs he is picking up on from us? I didn’t arrive and say to Isaac ‘I’m feeling a little low today mate, you’ll have to bear with me’…or then again, I might have done, but he wouldn’t have known the content of my chatting away to him, as I always do. So, what told him that I needed a bit of emotional support today?

Was my posture more slumped than usual? Was my tone less engaging? Whatever it was Isaac had the emotional intelligence to notice that something was wrong and to want to do something about it.

We often hold hands. Isaac loves to feel connected to the people he feels close to and will frequently reach out for reassurance, to get our attention or just to be social. But today it felt different. Today he stroked my hand with intentional slow movements. Today he smiled gently as we lay on the mats in his room. And today I felt that he showed me that he is there for me too. We are more than just a carer and client. We are friends. 


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